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What is a Life Insurance Policy?

“A Life Insurance policy is just a time-yellowed piece of paper comprising columns of figures and legal phrases – until it is baptized by a widow’s tears. Then, it becomes a miracle, a modern Alladin’s lamp. It is food, clothing, shelter, education, peace of mind, comfort, undying love and affection. It quiets the crying of a hungry baby at night. It eases the aching heart of a bereaved widow. It is a comforting whisper in the dark, silent hours of the night. It is new hope, fresh courage and strength for a mother who must pick up the broken threads of life and carry on. It is college education for sons and daughters – opportunity for careers instead of the need of jobs. It is a father’s blessing to his children on their wedding day. 

It is the fruition of a father’s hopes and plans for his family’s future. Through life insurance he lives on – immortalized by a plan that exalts life and defeats death. It is the premium paid for the privilege of living after death. It is the sincerest love letter ever written. 

Have you ever thought of it that way? Well, look at it in that light, and I believe you too will agree that IT IS THE SINCEREST LOVE  LETTER EVER WRITTEN.”

                                              –Author Unknown


Very helpful and got me directed to where I needed to go get insurance even if he couldn't.
Robert Helton
Insurance Shopper

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